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Before enlisting any class, I would do my research. This research would include: the first step, typing in “Philo10 Caslib UP Prof Guide” on Google; the second step: “Sino po rito naging prof na si Sir Caslib? Okay po ba siya para sa Philo10?” on Facebook; the third step: “Uy, naging prof mo na si Sir Caslib diba? Kamusta siyang prof ng Philo10? Okay lang ba?” to my friends.

The findings of said research were all similar and consistent.

“Masaya ‘yang class na ‘yan! Be prepared to be clingy with your class. (Sir Caslib) has a reputation for creating clingy classes.”

And indeed was the class fun. It was as if we skipped the awkward I-don’t-know-anyone-else-in-class stage. Sir Caslib had a way of making the class feel comfortable with each other. There were numerous opportunities to interact with the every member in class. It was just a bit sad that our class was split into two during the field trips due to availability. I was worried that it would create schism within the class – that there would be a line dividing the two groups. What happened, however, was that because of the two varying experiences during the field trip, the class was able to learn more and even share a closer bond. We are a clingy class, in a way. Philo10 is one of the few classes in which I actually know every single one of my classmates and I consider them friends (Aristotle might suggest that they are friends of convenience but I do think of them as friends).

“Magaling si Sir magturo!”

And indeed does he teach well. He explains topics really well. He has a way of making class discussions interesting. There was never a day that I got bored in Philosophy10 class. There were times that I felt like sleeping because my class before Philo is PE but sir was still able to keep me awake with his very lively and interesting discussion.

“Kailangan mo magbasa. Nang marami. Maraming-marami.”

And indeed I read. A lot. A whole lot. More than just learning about the various philosophical topics discussed in class, I learned to be disciplined. Every night I forced myself to sit down at my desk and read. I’m not a big reader; I read slowly and I have to read passages multiple times to fully grasp its thought. Because of Philo10, however, I learned to appreciate reading more and even developed a habit of highlighting and note-taking. I developed a discipline in myself.

“Masaya, marami kang matututunan, matrabo pero worth it.”

Indeed it was worth it. Philo10 was worth it. It was incredibly fun. The field trip was very enjoyable. We had so many laughs inside and outside of the classroom; I don’t even want to imagine how much I’m going to miss my classmates. I learned a lot, that’s for sure. Aside from just learning about Plato and Aristotle and the Tao, I learned lessons I know I’ll use in life. I learned the value of reading. I learned to see friends as the benefits (not friends with benefits). I learned to appreciate Filipino movies beyond the entertainment factor; I learned to analyze movies such as Starting Over Again and One More Chance and learn from the characters. I learned to appreciate life.

Philo10 was not always easy. In fact, I probably did more work for Philo10 than I did for my only Maskom subject this semester. I had the most readings in this subject. We had a group presentation in this subject and I was taken back to high school when I was forced to play a boy role. I acted in front of college friends and classmates and that was not particularly easy. It was different when I acted in class skits back in high school because I have known my classmates for over a decade. But acting in college was a different story; I was more conscious and I also wanted to perform really well. Soliciting donations for the charity was also a time for pakapalan ng mukha in Philo. The exams were very difficult (as people warned me about) and this final paper is also a challenge in itself. But after everything that has happened in Philo10, after all the experiences I shared with Caslib’s Berdes – Sir Caslib’s Philo10 THX2 – I can genuinely say that it is all worth it. I am very thankful (to CRS) that I was able to enlist this class and I will highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to have fun, learn a lot, and experience real UP education.


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